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Directed by Chase Brock

Produced by Darren Lorenzo

Edited by David Haverty

                                                  PARTICIPANTS  (in order of appearance)


Sarah Jane Shanks
Aaron Felske
Ashley Blair Fitzgerald
Connor Gallagher
Lori Holmes Clark
Mark Price

Jerry Clicquot
Rachael Warren
Lori Land
Darren Lorenzo
Suzanne Simone
Jeff Dattilo
Patrick Wilson
Anna Aimee White
Chase Brock
Megan Reinking
Rodrick Covington
Matthew López
Ido Mosseri
Will Taylor
Sarah Abrams
Estelle Shaw
Lorin Latarro
Liza Jaine
Crystal Eden
Jennifer Mathie
Aaron J. Albano

Sara Warden

Sarah Glendening

David FM Vaughn

Peter King-Yuen
Matthew Napoli
Ann Moller
Ashley Arcement
Brian Spitulnik
Mark Burrell
Ryan McCallum

Bonnie Bishop
Cara Kem
Ryan Kasprzak
Ashley Brown
Tyrick Wiltez Jones
Sarah Wolter
Dylis Croman

Cassie Abate
Alexis Carra
Gretchen Garvin Terrell

Michael James Scott
James Kinney
David Haverty
Erik Liberman
Parker Esse
Kelly King

Blair Dalton Bloomston
Noa Nevé

Heather Curran

Emilee Dupre

Darren Ross

Tyler Hanes

                           Closing Credit Tributes

                           (in order of appearance)


Parker Esse

Aaron Felske

Ashley Blair Fitzgerald

Danielle Baker

Jaclyn Baker

Nicole Baker

Jessica Lea Patty

John Holley

Kesha McKey



Darren Lorenzo

Music Supervisor


Rob Berman

Arrangement and Piano Accompaniment

‘No One Is Alone’, from Into the Woods


David Haverty

Post-production Supervisor and Producer

OddDog Pictures


Jeff Reinking




                            Additional Materials

                                     Provided by


Miriam Baron

Chase Brock

Aaron Felske

David Haverty

James Kinney

Erik Liberman

Kristina Lopez

Darren Lorenzo

Noa Nevé

Mark Price

Darren Ross

Suzanne Simone

Rachael Warren

Anna Aimee White

Debra McWaters & Marcus McWaters

Brenda Siemer

and Sister Productions

Nel Shelby Productions

via The Verdon Fosse Legacy 

Alexis Carra & Chryssie Whitehead

of Broadway Arts Community                



                                 Opening Art Work


Wyland Tondelier

Wyland Art  



                                   Special Thanks


Nicole Fosse

Founder & Artistic Director, The Verdon Fosse Legacy


Debra McWaters

Co-Founder, The Musical Theatre Project of Tampa

President, Broadway Theatre Project

Co-Artistic Director, Broadway Theatre Project


Herman Payne

Co-Artistic Director, Broadway Theatre Project


Greg Uliasz 

Program Director, Broadway Theatre Project


Marcus McWaters

Board of Directors, Broadway Theatre Project


Jane Klain

Manager, Research Services

The Paley Center for Media


Ann Moller

Ginny Burton Stringer

Giulia Falabella

Anna Hankerson Thornton

Megan Auer Micale

Collette Alleyne Williams

Angela Brydon

Allyson Tolbert Richert

Harry Bayron

Stacy Galan Shailendra

Jessica Hartman

Robyn Hurder

Abigail Spencer

Hanif Stubbs

Merrill West

Jack Viertel

JohnMark Triplett

Brianna Lee 



                        Film & Video Excerpts from


“PBS News Hour’

Dec 15th 2020 - Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS)


“CBS News, New York”

Dec 15th 2020 - Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


“Dancing on the Edge”

1999 - Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

History Channel rebroadcast 



1982 - Columbia Pictures


“All That Jazz”

1979 - 20th Century Fox


“Micki & Maude”

1984 - Columbia Pictures


American Midwest Ballet


Chicago The Musical


“A Night On The Town”

1983 - British Broadcast Corporation (BBC)


“Ellery Queen”

1976 - National Broadcasting Company (NBC)


 “The Cosby Show”

1984 - Mill Creek Entertainment


 “Movie, Movie”

1978 - Warner Brothers


“The Merv Griffin Show”

1979 - National Broadcasting Company (NBC)


“Broadway Plays Washington”

1982 - Turner Classic Movies


“Late Show with David Letterman”

1997 - Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


“Dancin’ Commercial”

1978 - The Verdon Fosse Legacy


“USO Honors Bob Hope”

1978 - National Broadcast Company (NBC)


“Great Performances: Fosse”

2001 - Public Broadcast Systems (PBS)

"I love Lucy"

1952 - At the Ballet - Season 1 Episode 19


The Search for Roxie


"Saturday Night Live”

Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Galagher

1995-2001 National Broadcasting Company (NBC) 




                                 Additional Photos

                                used in this film by


Paul Ross


Gabriela Campos

The New Mexican

Rodrick Covington Activist Photographers

Gken.NY @gken.ny

Akeem Dewan @akeemdewan

Noel Sutherland @noelsutherland



                                   Additional Music

                                    and Underscore


Roaming Free 

Opening Song by Tristan Barton; Artlist


Jim Dooley

Jazz Drum Loop - 110 BPM


Drumset Fundamentals

Bossa Nova (Hi-hat) - Drum Groove


Rick Dior

Jazz Hi Hat Cymbals

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